Blueberry Crumble

blueberry filled brown sugar cake with vanilla buttercream & crumble topping

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

chocolate chip studded pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting


chocolate filled graham cake topped with toasted marshmallow and a Hershey chocolate square

French Toast

French toast cake with maple buttercream

Vanilla Squared

vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream & colorful sparkling sugar

The Original

vanilla cake with chocolate frosting

Chocolate Squared

chocolate cake with chocolate frosting & white nonpareils

Black & White

chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream topped with pure chocolate sprinkles

Red Velvet

traditional red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting


cinnamon vanilla cake with cinnamon buttercream & sparkling sugar

Peanut Butter Cup

chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting & a mini PB cup on top

Cookies & Cream

chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream with a mini Oreo on top